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  At present, the net month high-tech zone net month street has completed the establishment of 109 non-public enterprise party organizations, opened up a new area of regional party construction, how to make non-public party construction standardized, what is the significance for the development of enterprises?

  Longhua measurement and control is a private enterprise in the area of jingyue street of jingyue high-tech zone, engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of industrial monitoring and monitoring instruments.Enterprise person in charge sun guiping is a party member, she knows very well in the development of the enterprise, the ideological consciousness of the party member and exemplary leading role is decisive, then, under the guidance of the jingyue street party working committee, longhua measurement and control co., ltd. established the party branch.Sun guiping, the party branch secretary of jilin longhua measurement and control co., LTD., said, "it is not easy to start a business, which is to consolidate our foundation step by step. In this way, we, the veteran party members, can take the lead and influence people around us, so that our enterprise can develop better and have a better future."Net month street party secretary zhang daming said, non-public enterprises should say to production, with social benefits and economic benefits, we catch the study of enterprise party members, improve when the party members of the advanced consciousness, so that they play a better role in the enterprise.

  After longhua measurement and control party branch was established, 17 party members became leaders in r&d, production and other positions, and became the backbone to promote the rapid development of the enterprise. In February this year, longhua measurement and control successfully landed on the new third board.In recent years, jingyue sub-district party working committee led by "non-public party construction standardization construction project", successively promoted jingyue electrical appliances, fangda clothing, zhongxin road and bridge, yuyin bank and other 20 enterprises with large number of party members, legal persons attached importance to party construction work, and enterprises with party construction activity sites to implement non-labor party construction standardization construction project.From the non-public enterprise party organization setting, the system construction, the party construction subject activity, the basic material four aspects to the non-public enterprise party construction work carries on the standard and the guidance, has formed the standard unification, the characteristic bright non-public enterprise party construction work new pattern.< / p > < p > jingyue sub-district party working committee deputy secretary qian nishun said, the sub-district party working committee to the non-public party as an important breach of the regional party construction, high quality to complete the establishment of 109 non-public enterprise party organizations, opened up the city's regional party construction of the new field.We formulated the implementation plan for the standardization of non-public party construction, and implemented the construction of non-public party construction standards. Up to now, there are 92 non-public enterprise party organizations and 219 party members in the whole street.